Ungava Gin serves up distinctive taste of Canadian north

Ungava Gin serves up distinctive taste of Canadian north

Premium gin gets flavour, bright yellow colour from hand-picked arctic ingredients

FRELIGHSBURG, QC (May 2016) – Its all-natural ingredients come from the vast unspoiled wilderness of the Canadian Arctic, a place so remote that few of us get the chance to visit it personally. But Canadians from coast to coast can now experience a taste of the north for themselves as the makers of Ungava Canadian Premium Gin release the truly distinctive spirit across Canada.


Taking its name from the expansive unspoiled region bordering Ungava Bay in northern Quebec, Ungava Gin is made from a combination of rare arctic plants and herbs that are harvested by hand during the short summer season and then infused in the spirit.

Like a wine which gets its character from the region where its grapes were grown, Ungava Gin’s smooth, distinctive flavour also comes from its unique northern botanical ingredients, including Nordic Juniper, Wild Rose Hips, Cloudberry, Crowberry, Arctic Blend and Labrador Tea.

“The unique climate of the Ungava region gives our gin its truly individual personality and memorable flavour. It tastes wonderful all by itself over ice or as the base for a cocktail,” says Charles Crawford, President, Domaine Pinnacle.  “We’re excited to be able to give more Canadians the opportunity to enjoy it.”

In addition to its taste, these remarkable northern Canadian plant ingredients also give Ungava Gin its striking bright yellow colour, which quickly distinguishes it from all other gins. Ungava’s trademark colouring shines through the  clear glass of the spirit’s tastefully designed and elegantly shaped bottle.

“We’re extremely proud of our origins and the cultural heritage of the Ungava region’s aboriginal population,” says Crawford. “We reflect that in the Inuktitut wording included on our bottles and all of our packaging materials.”

Ungava Canadian Premium Gin is available across Canada, including throughout Ontario at Liquor Control Board of Ontario outlets.

For more information about Ungava Canadian Premium Gin and cocktail recipe ideas, please go to www.ungava-gin.com.