Toronto Beer Brokers Giving Thirsty Consumers a Change

The Brew Box Company, a subscription based craft beer service that enables customers to access craft beer across the province, has officially delivered over 30 million mL of craft beer—90 per cent of which is not available in the LCBO. This new method of shopping is allowing consumers and breweries to face the barrier of distance and local selection.

“Our company is about much more than hand selecting the best beers on the market—it’s about connecting local breweries with consumers so that they can experience the exposure they deserve and reach consumers that are thirsty for change,” says Robert Jackiewicz, co-founder and CEO of The Brew Box Company. “We are the Uber of craft beer. We are solving a problem and doing it in a way that fits within people’s schedules.”

As the subscription based economy continues to be a popular choice for consumers, businesses like The Brew Box Company are providing small to medium size brewers the opportunity to gain a foothold in a marketplace monopolized by macro breweries.

Founded in 2014, the company has seen a rapid growth in their service from city dwellers to remote towns where selection is virtually impossible. Places like Greely, Dwight, Clifford, Nestleton, Seaforth and St. Isidore have become regular customers, pushing The Brew Box Company to explore other ways it can connect consumers and brewers. Last month, The Brew Box Company partnered with Interprovincial Trade Critic MP John Barlow to bring back the #FreeTheBeer campaign and pressure the government to update the Free Trade Agreement to include wine, spirits and craft beer. Though the company has much more ‘disrupting’ to do, Jackiewicz says they are right on track.

“Our mission is to provide Canadians with selection and choice; a freedom that has been infringed upon by our outdated policies,” says Jackiewicz

From 2015 to 2016 the craft beer market saw a 35 per cent increase in sales, a rapid growth trend that Jackiewicz says will only continue in the coming year.