The Occasional Absurdity of Craft Beer, Lesson #17

by Stephen Beaumont

There is a reason that few breweries spell out the words India Pale Ale on their labels.

New England India Pale Ale

Wait, is this a new beer from England or a beer from New England or a beer from India or a weird mash-up of all three? (Answer: usually none of the above.)

Black India Pale Ale

Pale black? What the hell…?

White India Pale Ale

Of course it’s pale, that’s what “white” is!

Session India Pale Ale

This sounds like a period in some band’s career, the ‘India sessions.’

Belgian India Pale Ale

Pretty sure that the Belgians never had a colony in India.

Brett India Pale Ale

I remember Brett India. Had a few radio hits in the 1970s, didn’t he?

Grapefruit India Pale Ale

I might be wrong about Brett India, but I’m pretty sure Grapefruit India was a supermodel during the 1990s.

… We did mention that he drinks.



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