TAPS Taste


ABV: 7.5% IBU: 70 SRM: 22 FG: 2.9


The key to this beer seems to be found in its name, specifically the presence of both “dubbel” and “IPA,” which suggests some sort of hybrid style. And that seems to be pretty much the case, given its medium brown hue, chocolaty aroma accented by notes of citrus peel and brown spice and dryly bitter, woody finish. Problems with the style mash-up appear in the body, however, where smooth, soothing maltiness butts up against aggressive, spicy-citrus hoppiness, each side trying to gain the flavour upper hand and neither fully succeeding. The result is a beer with harsh hoppiness and only mere glimmers of caramelly, chocolaty malt, proving it a better beer in theory than in practice.




10 years ago while living in Alberta there were so few local beers available that I ended up drinking mostly American beers. My, how times have changed. There are so many breweries opening up throughout the province that are producing quite the variety of beers, and any are friend or family run. Half Hitch brewery in Cochrane, Alberta was a Family conception in 2013 and finally began producing and selling their beers in 2016.

This Dubbel Trouble is their first winter seasonal. It is a challenging yet interesting beer. The style is unique in that it is a Belgian Dubbel with the addition of citrus and grassy hops creating an IPA. I received it in a 1.9 L growler format, so sadly much of the vibrant carbonation that I was informed existed was gone. The colour is a rich mahogany with a light tan head. The foam started quite moussey but dissipated rather quickly. Very malt forward, with caramel, coffee,prune notes with a hint of clove. But the flavour is more hop forward with the citrus and grassiness of the hops battling the dubbel characteristics. A great concept in theory, and a good try for something unique but just does not work for me.