TAPS Taste


ABV: 5.2% IBU: 19 SRM: 60 OG: 1.054 FG: 1.014


Tasted from 473 ml can

At first glance, after pouring, this is an attractive beer, blackish brown/opaque with a thick tan head that stays. It’s unfiltered, but you can’t tell from looking at it. The nose is inviting, with roasted coffee and dark malt notes, but not overly “in your face” with the coffee (they credit local Muskoka Roastery for their Lumberjack coffee). The label explains that Shinnicked is the numbing feeling when you jump into a cold lake at night, but this is a modest 5.2% alcohol, so it won’t numb you too quickly. It has medium body for a stout, with mild bitterness and a smooth mouthfeel. The finish is clean, mildly bitter, and you are left with an aftertaste that’s a bit chocolaty, or perhaps mocha-ish.  In summary, this is a fairly easy drinking stout, with coffee-chocolate aromas and flavours, and a smooth, but not sweet, finish.


I happened to taste this stout on a wintery and bleakly grey day and the atmosphere could not have been more perfect for the comfort of a stout. The flavour and aroma envelopes one with a distinctly roasted malt character, notes of rich, campfire coffee, dark, bitter chocolate and subtle notes of dried stone fruit. Hop aroma and flavour are low and resin like. Supporting hop bitterness and the roasted grain character results in a relatively dry and bitter finish, yet stops short of any harshness or astringency that can sometimes derive from the roasted grains. The colour is very dark brown, almost black and opaque, with a faintly reddish hue, and topped with a foamy, tan coloured head. The moderately high carbonation makes this beer feel light on the palate, and combined with the velvety texture, delivers an easy drinking experience. What appeals to me about this stout is the clean and uncluttered expression of roasted malt, coffee, and dark chocolate.