TAPS Taste

Sawdust City Brewing (ON) – Blood of Cthulu Flavoured Imperial Stout

ABV: 9.5% IBU: 50 SRM: (Blood of a Demi-God or aprox 40) FG: 4.5%P OG 21.5% P


There are some beers that are meant to share, or to drink on special occasions, and this is one. The Blood Of Cthulhu is an extra strong beer. As you pour it you can’t help but notice the reddish hue to the thick black liquid entering your glass, leaving a dark, foreboding head. On the can the colour is referred to as “The Blood of a Demi God.” OK! The nose is decidedly fruity. I thought cherries at first, or maybe raspberry. Then I checked the can – I hope you have a magnifying glass or effing great eyesight – and it says “cranberries, raspberries, tart cherries.” So that’s where that disturbing colour and appealing fruit nose originates. Time to taste. Well, it’s kind of delicious. I mean, it’s thick and over the top, but, hey, what do you expect from fruity God blood? It isn’t overly bitter, which is nice. The balance of fruit and malt is correct, and the finish is clean and pleasant. Drink this at your next sacrifice.


This flavoured imperial stout pours from a 473 tall can with quite the startling colour and texture. I was warned ahead of time! It pours an almost jet black but with a very rich “dark blood red “colour blended in- what else would you expect from the blood of a demi-god? The head is very thick and frothy and slowly shrinks down but leaves a thin coating right to the last drop. The aroma is of sweet milk chocolate, raspberries and cherries, like a quality chocolate bar chocked full of fruit, but one sip and the tartness and bitterness grab you, and lingers – in a good way. A beautiful balance of bitter and sweet. This ale is lighter bodied than many imperial stouts I have had, probably due to the three berry juices additions. The only problem with this is that it makes for a very easy drinking beer, and at 9.5%, that creeps up on you! Black forest cake in a can! Yummy!