Steam Whistle’s 2016 #RetroOpener pays tribute to its iconic Water Tower

Unknown(Toronto – 15 May, 2016) – Steam Whistle Brewing’s much-anticipated 2016 #RetroOpener is here. Celebrate the on-set of summer with the 2016 water tower #RetroOpener available across Canada in specially-marked 6 & 12packs of Steam Whistle Pilsner while supplies last; part of a collectible series.

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Did you know Steam Whistle Brewing, with its iconic water tower, was named the #1 most photographed spot in Downtown Toronto, beating out the CN Tower and Nathan Phillips Square? Here are more fun facts in honour of this year’s limited edition #RetroOpener:

The Opener

The 2016 water tower #RetroOpener is the first in the series to be painted, Steam Whistle’s signature green marking the tank of the water tower.
The artwork on the #RetroOpener hangtag was illustrated by Rob Taylor, a Canadian artist who shares his artistic talents despite the effects of Parkinson’s disease.
Steam Whistle’ first #RetroOpener was released in 2005 and is prized among collectors, recently fetching almost $200 in an online sale.
The Good Beer Folks of Steam Whistle hand-assembled each opener at the Roundhouse before hanging atop bottles in cases.
The History

The iconic water tower, erected in 1929, is a National Heritage Artifact.
It once held 60,000 gallons of water to support the Canadian Pacific Railway operations at the John Street Roundhouse, now home to Steam Whistle Brewing.
The water tower was hand painted by art muralist, Jamie Osborne of Global Colours Inc.
Take home a piece of Canadian history. Pick up your water tower #RetroOpener at select liquor retailers before it’s too late.

Steam Whistle’s Opener Collection
Our pry-off bottle cap provides a superior seal, ensuring our Pilsner tastes as fresh as the day it left the Brewery. A bottle cap chosen – not for convenience – but for a better drinking experience. That’s why every spring you’ll find a NEW retro bottle opener inside specially-marked packs of Steam Whistle Pilsner. This year’s opener was inspired by Steam Whistle’s water tower outside our home at the John St. Roundhouse. Get yours, today! Learn more at .