September / October 2015


SALESWOMEN, CRAFT BEER and the Pursuit of Profit at the Formosa Spring Brewery in the 1970s.


Opening a brewery in the warm and wonderful Caribbean seems like the ultimate dream job – a CariBEERan dream, if you will – and, for former Picaroons founder Andy Hashey, it has become a reality.

Beer: Farm Fresh

Beer Farm
The Buzz about B Corp Certification. With the influx of craft breweries popping up around the country, it is becoming increasingly harder to stand out among them as being different and unique.

Nectar of the Gods

A friendly looking chap engaged me in conversation during a 2013 whisky show. At one point he whispered, “Do you want to try something completely different?” I couldn’t help but feel like this was the opening of a Monty Python sketch, so I rinsed out my glass and pushed it forward for filling. He reached into his bag and pulled out a glass bottle containing a golden yellow liquid that I assumed was whisky. I was never so wrong in my life.

Beer City: North Carolina

If the idea of a moderately-sized, western North Carolina city being at the core of a 3500+ brewery movement strikes you as more than a little odd, well, then you’ve obviously never been to Asheville.

Feature Destination: Edmonton

From the burgeoning craft beer scene to local-sustainable dining, this city is rich in authenticity, grassroots culture, and is a thriving entrepreneurial community.