Redline Brewhouse releases “Pistols at Dawn”

Barrie, ON – Redline Brewhouse is releasing “Pistols at Dawn” on Friday, December 23rd at 11 am.

Pistols at Dawn is a Latte Stout that sits at 5.1% ABV and 30 IBU.

Brewed with a mix of roasted and caramel malts, and a touch of flaked oats for a complex malt character, Redline added a large amount of lactose sugar for a very creamy body and slightly sweet note to balance the Kenyan Marimira coffee beans that were used in the production.

Described by the brewery as,

The beer seamlessly blends the flavours of the coffee with the roasted malts for a fairly luxurious taste. Pours black like our Brewmaster’s soul with a thick mocha head. Medium carb complements and enhances the creamy mouthfeel. Low bitterness.