Off-the-Island Lady Beer Fest

“So, as you may have heard, Toronto Island is flooded. Like, really flooded. It totally sucks! The ONE time we decide to throw an all outdoor event and we literally get flooded out. We have now run 33 events in the last three and a half years, and we just don’t feel comfortable with it. EVEN if the island is good to go on the 8th, it will be a very wet and soggy festival and we just don’t want that for our loyal beer-drinking ladies.

But, ya know what they say: when life hands you lemons, make lemonade, ya know? Or maybe beer & lemonade…SHANDY STYLE.

SO, Henderson Brewing on Sterling Ave in the West part of Toronto is THE NEW VENUE for our JULY 8TH LADY BEER FESTIVAL. The team has graciously without hesitation let us take over not only their entire brewery, but their entire lot. We will have lots of shade, and make it into an ‘OFF-the-Island’ beach party. Inflatable palm trees? Kiddie pools? Sandcastle stations? Beach umbrellas? Sprinklers? Misting Station? You shall see! We can’t wait to island it up off the island. It is central, it is TTC friendly and it is right on the Toronto West Bike Path.

Still 2 sessions. Same date. Same times. Same price.

12 Ontario craft breweries.
4 local food vendors.
Our Artisan Women’s Makers Market.
Our Swag Shop (with new swag!).
Sweet tunes.
Battle of the Bevy Brews.
Ciders and non-alcoholic options.
A Morning after Bag on your way out.
And, as always a portion of ticket sales going to the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

VIBDL ticket holders: in lieu of your boat ride to the island we’ll be offering you a covered lounge, private washrooms and we’re working on one really cool surprise feature…we’ll keep you posted.”

For all the details and to join the ladies visit the event page on Facebook!