Netflix and Chill

Beers you should Pair with your Favourite Shows
Rob Symes

The nights are long and cold, and there’s no doubt that Winter has finally arrived. You can embrace it by snowshoeing across the tundra, or you can grab a bag of chips, snuggle under a blankie and watch TV. If you’re like most of us non-superhumans, here are a few beers you might want to pair with this year’s hottest shows:

Big Bang Theory
After many seasons, TV’s geekiest show is soon drawing to close. The Big Bang Theory glories in its nerdiness, so what better way to honour it than with a beer nerd’s choice? A lighter comedy with some spritzy playfulness would be well matched with a barrel-aged sour. Heavy themes call for weightier beers, so in this case a lighter ABV with a that edge is perfect for humour.
TRY: Four Winds Nectarous

Game of Thrones
Winter is finally coming to Westeros. For a show of this weightiness only an imperial stout will really do. George RR Martin and the showrunners have never been afraid to kill off major characters, and with the final season in the offing, there is likely more offing to come. Grab something strong and dark (to match those long nights).
TRY: Walkerville Kremlin Russian Imperial Stout

Looks like Netflix have uploaded another season of everyone’s favourite drug show (now that Breaking Bad is finished). Call us cliche, but the oppressive heat and atmosphere of the show calls for a lightness in any matching beer. Grab a lager, and be open to a lime. This isn’t Corona, but you can hit the same notes, with a better craft option.
TRY: Amsterdam Starke Pils

Hockey Night in Canada
Whether it’s the hockey game or a spot of baseball, this beer pairing calls for drinkability. Sports viewing is inherent with nervous tension, and if you’ve ever been uncomfortable at a party, you know that this can accelerate your drinking behaviour. You can find a nice match in a Canadian pilsner, and this is a traditional pairing with sport, but you may have more luck with a session IPA. The carbonation tends to be slightly more restrained, and for multiple glasses that can be a bloat-free plus.
TRY: Red Racer India Session Ale

Stranger Things
You know a show has hit the big time when it has its own end aisle at the local Walmart. The first season of Stranger Things was a blockbuster success, but if you’re one of the many people who has more shows than they can watch, season two may still be in your queue for the next binge session. One of the sweetest things about Stranger Things is its throwback appeal for eighties kids, and for this reason, we’re recommending a style that’s becoming a little bit of a throwback because of changes in taste and style – the American IPA.
TRY: Brassneck Synthesiac

American Vandal
Two seasons and done for this Netflix mockumentary, but if you missed it on release, you have an absolute treat awaiting you. High school documentarians tackle wrongful conviction judgements and identify the inconsistencies that crack the cases right open. Pair season one with a cream ale, and what better way to join in the hunt for season two’s turd burglar than with a brown ale!
TRY: Brasserie Mille-Îles English Brown Ale