Mill Street introduces Hard Root Beer

The latest summer trend to sweep the United States is coming to Canada

large_mill-streetVirtually overnight, sales in the Hard Soda category in the U.S. jumped to $116 million in 2015 (according to the market research firm IRI)– a trend which did not go unnoticed by major publications such as The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post. For Mill Street, with its innovative range of Beers and distilled schnapps, Root Beer is an obvious extension.

In the next two weeks Mill Street will launch its brand new Distillery Root Beer which will be available at the LCBO. In keeping with its tradition of local innovation, the Hard Root Beer will be made from draught root beer and Mill Street’s Vanilla Porter Bierschnaps. The result is a perfectly balanced root beer profile, at once familiar but not overly sweet.

5.2% ABV, refined and only lightly sweet, it is very drinkable with a distinctive overtone of oak sandalwood and cinnamon spiciness mingled with flavours of licorice, vanilla and wintergreen that define traditional root beer. “We’ve always been driven by a mix of tradition and innovation; Distillery Root Beer is the perfect example of this. Root beer has such a unique taste profile and a distinctive space in the minds of those who grew up with it, that’s why we’ve been making homemade Root Beer for a small cult crowd at our brewpubs since 2008. We started distilling our Bierschnaps at our Beer hall in 2013, and to be honest, I am surprised it took us this long to mix the two,” said Joel Manning, Brewmaster at the Brewery.

The Ready To Drink (RTD) beverage market has grown steadily in Canada over the past years and with the steady influx of millennial drinkers, it is poised to explode.  According to Joel Manning, “Mill Street is committed to providing its drinkers with new and exciting beverages and we know that once they try our Root Beer it will become an instant favourite.”

Look for Distillery Root Beer this summer in backyards, on beach and patios, and everywhere craft drinkers come together.

Available at the LCBO in the RTD coolers section for $14.85 per 6 pack.