Create an Image Your Customers Trust

Your beer has personality – but just like anyone at a bar knows, nobody falls for personality at first sight. That’s why you need the looks to stand out, so your customers can get to know you better. The adage “don’t judge a book by its cover” (or don’t judge a brew by its label) does not apply to the world of packaging. If you’re in the brewing business, you know that what’s on the outside can play a key role in making the sale. Customers are drawn first and foremost to the look of your brand, providing only a small window for you to make a connection and to seize the opportunity to win them over with your product. With competition on the rise, how does one stand out in the craft beer industry?

From a design perspective, there are many ways you use print to step up your packaging – whether it be through premium finishes or value-add elements. The right design is all about communicating quality to the consumer. If you can project an image your customer’s trust, they’re more likely to take a chance on you and to give your product a try.


The easiest way to increase the perceived quality of your beer is to incorporate custom finishes into your design. Things like foil and custom shapes for labels help your product look great on shelves. Another thing to consider is touch – you can actually incorporate what’s called embossing into your design, which creates a raised texture on your packaging. That’s not to say adding all the bells and whistles available to you will automatically shoot your product to the top of the list. But if well executed, the right finishes can truly elevate your brand.


It’s all about the value-add! If you give your customer a little something extra, they’ll have one more reason to choose you over the brewery next door. Is respect for the environment at the core of your brand? Print your packaging on environmentally friendly materials. Think your brew would make the perfect addition to any summer BBQ? Add in a recipe card for a fantastic beer-infused recipe. Give the people a reason to take your product home.

If you’re searching for inspiration, look no further than your own product. You’ve created something unique that deserves to be wrapped up in something that does it justice. Whether your vision includes labels for your bottles or even coasters or signage for your marketing efforts, there are tons of products available to you. Your package should be the perfect representation of you and your brand – so put your best foot forward and start reeling in those customers!