Cheese and Its Best Friend… Beer


No casual get together or fancy-pants party is really complete without a beautiful

cheese board for snacking. Really, who doesn’t love cheese? It is rich, complex,

funky, grainy, velvety, salty, sweet… so what to drink with this living edible? For

years the traditional pairing has been wine, but we now know that beer is actually

the perfect pairing.  The carbonation in beer acts as ‘scrubbing bubbles’ lifting the fat

from your palate. There are also infinitely more flavours and alcohol content

levels in beer. Yes, there are differences between a gewürztraminer and pinot

grigio, but it’s not as broad as the difference between a piney IPA or a chocolate

stout. While wine contrasts with cheese, beer likes to live in harmony with it. Put

together a well-curated selection of cheese and several styles of beer and enjoy

a perfect pair.


You will need:

A serving piece -a wooden cutting board is generally the best

Cheese knives – buy a set, they are not expensive and work well

Cheese Identifiers – there are lots to choose from, just ask at the cheese shop

Small tongs or picks

3-5 ounce beer tasting glasses

Small plates

Garnish Suggestions:

Crackers, flatbreads, baguette


Walnuts and/or other nuts

Figs, pears or dried fruit

Salted capers

Pepper jam




Quick Guide to pairing Beer & Cheese:

IPA and Imperial IPA: cheddars, spicy cheeses, sharp hard cheese

Wit, Wheat, Pilsner: fresh cheese, Mozzarella, Chevres

Stouts: blue and mouldy cheese

Saison and Farmhouse Ale : Brie, Camembert

Sours and Bretts: stinky, pungent cheese

Barley Wine: hard rind cheese

Brown Ale, Bock: Swiss, Gouda, Munster

And don’t worry, there are no hard and fast rules. If you like it, then it is a good

pairing! Bon Appétit!