Brew a Burton IPA


To play with the water chemistry a little, here is a simple but classic Burton IPA recipe. We have specified a target water profile but if you want to brew this without dealing with water reports and spreadsheets, just add 3g of Gypsum and 1g of Epsom salt to your wort before boiling.


74 g (3.0 oz.) East Kent Goldings – First Wort Hop

(Before transferring to kettle)

28 g (1.0 oz.) East Kent Goldings – 30 Minutes

48 g (2.0 oz.) East Kent Goldings – Flame Out

(as soon as you turn off the kettle)

28 g (1.0 oz.) East Kent Goldings – Dry Hop for Three Days

WATER: Use Bru’n Water or a similar calculator to achieve a profile of 250 mg/L Ca, 30 mg/L Mg, 20 mg/L Na, 500 mg/L SO2, 30 mg/L Cl, and 250 mg/L HCO3.

THE DETAILS: Bring 14 litres of water to 73°C and begin your 60 minute mash rest. After initially adding your grains, your mash temperature should drop to 66°C. After the mash is complete, sparge with 16 litres of 76°C water to collect 24 litres of wort. This brew will require a 60 minute boil. Follow the hopping schedule as listed above.

At the end of the boil, cool the wort to 18°C and pitch the yeast and ferment for two weeks, dry hopping in the final three days of fermentation.