Black Fly introduces new brands

Spring is Black Fly season with the launch of two hot new flavours in spirit mixed drinks

Black Fly Vodka Sour Raspberry and Black Fly Gin Tom Collins join Black Fly’s highly successful line-up of more natural & less sweet mixed drinks

LONDON, Ont. (May 6, 2016) – Black Fly, an Ontario alcohol beverage success story, is introducing two new additions to its line-up of “not too sweet” Canadian craft-produced mixed drinks.

Adding to its popular line of classic Vodka, Tequila, Rum and Whisky mixed drinks, is the introduction of Black Fly Gin Tom Collins – a legendary, bright and ultra refreshing classic gin mixed drink.

Black Fly Gin Tom Collins delivers the refreshingly dry profile of gin blended with pure lemon and lime juices. Made with real juices and lightly sweetened with cane sugar, Black Fly Gin Tom Collins is a light, tart, refreshing and not-too-sweet classic cocktail. This locally made, gluten free ready-to-drink mixed drink is sold in Black Fly’s unique eco packaging; large non-breakable re-sealable 400mL bottles, and contain 7% alc./vol. The large volume bottles and 7% alc./vol. delivers great value at $10.55 per 4-pack (plus deposit). One 4-pack is nearly nine standard drinks.

Following last year’s successful launch of Black Fly Vodka Grape and Black Fly Whisky Sour in new 473 mL cans, Black Fly is delighted to introduce a third flavor this Spring – Black Fly Vodka Sour Raspberry. Featuring the irresistible taste of fresh raspberry juice beautifully blended with smooth Canadian Vodka, Black Fly Vodka Sour Raspberry is gluten free and lightly sweetened with cane sugar to give it the perfect balance of sour with a hint of sweet. The delicious mixed drink is 7% alc./vol. and comes in convenient 473 mL cans.

“In crafting new Black Fly mixed drinks, we always look to deliver authentic, classic flavours in the Black Fly style, which means we use quality ingredients, real juices, real spirits and always deliver what we promise – not too sweet, refreshing, ready-to-drink mixed drinks that are delicious all year round,” said Cathy Siskind-Kelly, Co-Founder of Black Fly. “Black Fly drinks are safe to serve and enjoy where glass is not welcome and are an easy choice for barbecues, cottage entertaining, backyard parties and at home with friends anytime. Serving Black Fly drinks is an easy way to make sure you spend your party enjoying the party.”

“Fans of the Fly love that ice cubes fit perfectly in the wide mouth bottle and that our drinks are easy to freeze and melt into fabulous slush cocktails. But they can also be served on the rocks, garnished or even fully dressed up as cocktails such as mimosas, martinis and more,” said Siskind-Kelly, “Every Black Fly mixed drink is delicious chilled or enjoyed right from the wide-mouth bottle or can.”

Black Fly’s diverse range of mixed drinks creates an instant and varied bar for parties, delivering refreshing classic mixed drinks that are ready-to-serve and are the perfect paring with wine and beer to simplify entertaining and round out a great bar.

The entire line-up of Black Fly’s mixed drinks include: Gin Tom Collins, Vodka Cranberry, Tequila Margarita, Long Island Iced Tea, Vodka Grapefruit, Vodka Sour Grape, Vodka Sour Raspberry, Whiskey Sour, Vodka Citrus, Rum Punch, Spiced Rum Mulled Cider, Rum Mojito and Vodka Blueberry.

Black Fly mixed drinks are sold in every Canadian province but Quebec. Black Fly’s newest Vodka and Gin mixed drinks are available at LCBO’s everywhere.

About Black Fly:
Founded in 2005 by husband and wife Rob Kelly and Cathy Siskind-Kelly, London, Ont.-based Black Fly Beverage Company is a Canadian success story in the competitive world of beverage alcohol. Like the iconic insect after which the company is named, Black Fly continues to take a chunk out of the Canadian ready-to-drink and spirits market. Ten years after receiving the first distillery license awarded in Ontario in 100 years, Black Fly Beverage company has defied the odds of an Ontario start up taking market share from the world’s biggest global brands. Having already captured 6% of the LCBO’s 240 million dollar ready-to-drink (RTD) market, and expanding distribution to nine Canadian provinces, three territories and four U.S. states, today Black Fly continues to innovate. In an industry dominated by global companies, Black Fly offers quality Canadian spirit beverages in unique bottles and green packaging. In addition to its line of more than 13 mixed spirit drinks, Black Fly is entering the spirits market with its first offering — bob’s SUPER SMOOTH™ Vodka.

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