BEST BEERS: The Indispensable Guide to the World’s Best Craft & Traditional Beers

Written by two of the world’s leading beer experts and co-authors of The World Atlas of Beer, Stephen Beaumont and Tim Webb, with the help of a team of international contributors, Best Beers takes you from the bock beers of Germany to the Trappist beers of Belgium, the complex bitters and stouts of Britain to the cutting-edge brews of North and South America. This expert selection covers the extraordinary diversity of aromas and flavours the more than 20,000 breweries scattered around the world offer today.

Tasting notes, organized by country, provide succinct commentary on the chosen beers and cover the brewery and each beer’s key characteristics. With some 2,000 beers featured from more than 60 countries, this book encompasses more familiar established beers as well as exciting new discoveries from the myriad craft breweries that are emerging around the globe.

Unique to this book, the authors identify ‘Iconic Breweries’ that help define their nation’s beer scene; ‘Can’t Miss Breweries’ that demonstrate brewing excellence across a number of beer styles, and ‘Breweries to Watch,’ youthful operations with the potential to eventually become ‘Can’t Miss’ or even ‘Iconic Breweries.’  An extensive introductory chapter to the book covers styles of beer; information on beer strength and grains; hops and other flavourings; local brews; and tenuous trends.

This up to the minute guide is indispensable for any beer lover.