Beer Review: YUKON BREWING ‘People are Either Charming or Tedius’

People Are Either Charming or Tedius
ABV – 7.1%
IBU – 16
SRM – 28
Style – Wee Heavy

This Wee Heavy pours a deep copper colour with brilliant clarity and a creamy, tan head. A grainy malt aroma gives way to sweet caramel notes and a hint of maple and vanilla, with a subtle smoky aroma. Light esters of raisin and spice complement the aroma, adding complexity. As expected for the Scottish style, this example is malt forward with a rich, caramel flavour and grainy malt sweetness. The hop character takes on a supporting role only to balance the sweetness of this high gravity ale. Despite the big malt flavour, it is not cloying or syrupy. A soft alcohol warmth lends a smooth quality and notes of maple linger on the finish adding a resin like character. Moderately carbonated, this is a full bodied, malty beer. The subtle maple character is harmonious making this a delicious Scotch ale with a Canadian twist.

This strong ale is part of Yukon Brewing’s special series of 12 limited edition brews released to celebrate their 20th anniversary and Canada’s 150th birthday. It pours with a creamy, tan head that is easy to rouse and holds fairly well.  The nose is very malt driven, with light smoky, roasty notes and an herbal, almost minty undertone that could be from hops, or perhaps originates from the maple. Otherwise there is no obvious maple aroma, which is not uncommon for beers that use maple syrup in the fermentation. The maple aroma and flavour can easily ferment out. The palate decidedly leans to the malt side as well, with very little detectable hop flavour or bitterness, and, again, no maple flavour to speak of. The result is a very smooth, malty brew, with subtle peat notes, medium body and a fairly dry finish that is not bitter at all. A very positive aspect of the beer is the lack of a dominant booze presence, which is surprising given that it is 7.1%. Recommended for late night sipping around the fire.