BEER REVIEW: “GUTEN TART” PEG Winnipeg, Manitoba


ABV: 3.9% IBU: 2 SRM: 2.3 OG 10*Plato/ FG 2.5 *Plato

STYLE: Berliner Weisse

Gold medal award winner at the 2017 Winnipeg Beer Fest!

Proving that not all the good beer name puns have been exhausted, we welcome PEG Beer’s Guten Tart to the fold. (Guten = “good and,” get it?) Poured medium gold and somewhat hazy from a growler, this offers a surprisingly restrained aroma that is part fresh lemon zest and part sweet and tart lemon candies. On the palate, however, that restraint vanishes quickly, with a fresh and assertive tartness up front that mixes lemon with tangy, just-under ripe berry notes, moves to a more straw and lemon juice mid-palate and finishes on a lightly lactic, but quite dry and still pleasingly tangy note. Given that PEG is a fairly small and new operation, I’m assuming this is a kettle sour, but if so it has more breadth and depth of flavour that do most of its ilk. Satisfyingly refreshing.


I have been following Nicole Barry, owner of PEG since its fruition, so I was really looking forward to having the opportunity to sample any of the PEG beers. The restaurant portion of the brewpub opened in the spring of 2016 with the actual brewery portion open in the fall. PEG is not bottling at this time, so a growler of the Berliner Weisse, a low alcohol wheat beer (kettle) soured with Lactobacillus was sent my way.

This ale pours a light hazy gold, with soft carbonation and a thin white head. It has an aroma of tartness and breadiness. The flavour is a nice balance of tart lemon, light grain and a hint of saltiness. Quite refreshing. For those people who are not into the tartness of these beers, PEG’s Chef Epp has gone the traditional route and created a variety of syrups that can be added to tone down the tartness. The traditional choices are woodruff and raspberry but there are also non-traditional options with the choices of rhubarb, blueberry, pomegranate, blackberry, or strawberry. It makes me wish I were closer to Winnipeg so that I could try them all!