YUKON BREWING , Whitehorse, Yukon Territories

20th Anniversary Series 2017


ABV: 5.3% IBU: 26 SRM: 34

STYLE: Fruit beer / Flavoured porter

To celebrate Yukon Brewing 20th anniversary (which just happens to coincide with Canada’s 150th), a decision was made by the Yukon team to create a limited release 650ml bomber every month. 6 beers in the series from beers of the past and the other 6 new creations. This chocolate cherry porter is the November release. The colour is a rich chocolate brown with a ruby red hue and a tan coloured head that quickly dissipates- a hint of what is to come! The aroma is an overload of cherries, and with the first sip, the complement of dark chocolate. Not too bitter, not too sweet but nicely balanced making this medium bodied and light carbonated ale very refreshing and easy to drink and enjoy.

A perfect after dinner drink or great as dessert!



This Chocolate Cherry Porter pours a rich, brown colour with reddish highlights, topped with a tan head that dissipates leaving a creamy ring that carries through. Aromas of toasted grain, toffee and hints of vanilla and chocolate are complimented with a mild roastiness and an earthy character. Like the aroma, the malt flavour is grainy with caramel. Notes of chocolate and dark cherries are subtle becoming more evident as the beer warms. A medium bitterness balances the malt fairly evenly. While dark malts can sometimes lend a burnt, harsh character, this is not the case with this ale, although they do contribute to the moderately dry finish. The beer is well attenuated, with no astringency. The medium body and moderate carbonation offer a smooth drinkability, while the soft flavours mingle and linger on the palate. No single flavour or aroma dominates making this an undemanding and easy drinking complement to any occasion.