Beer Matching Game of Thrones

Rob Symes

As Game of Thrones begins the long march to its conclusion, the showrunners have resolved plotlines and answered many questions, but even after seven seasons, we still don’t know what kind of beer best represents the characters we’ve come to love and hate. Well, worry no more, because we’ve done the thinking for you…

Jon Snow
Its grim up north, and bound to get grimmer as the army of the dead marches on. Jon has always been a serious character cloaked in black, which makes stout such an easy pick for the ex-Commander of the Watch. We’re tempted to opt for an imperial stout because of this role as the King in the North, but Yukon’s Midnight Sun Espresso Stout is the perfect fit. The jolt of coffee could practically awaken a corpse, and a bit of midnight sun would surely be welcome as the long night beckons.

Cersei Lannister

Has there ever been a character on the show more destructive than Cersei? She’s bold and powerful with a compelling beauty that even her brother can’t resist. She’s also confident in her prowess, and her moments of self-doubt are few and far between. Unlike Gendry, she’s no bastard, except in her beer alias. Stone’s Arrogant Bastard is an unapologetic, strong and aggressive brew that doesn’t deny its pre-eminence for a moment. Sound like anyone?

Tyrion Lannister

“I drink and I know things”, thus speaks Tyrion Lannister, the most famous drinker in the Seven Kingdoms (RIP Ser Dontos). Tyrion is small but powerful, the kind of man who casts a large shadow. He’s boozy and contemplative. Giving Tyrion a beer alter ego is a tough task when you realize that a glass of Dornish Red never seems to be far from his hand, unless of course, you consider barleywine. How about Driftwood’s Old Cellar Dweller? Give Tyrion enough time and he’d certainly be happy spending some time in any discerning beer cellar.

Daenerys Targaryen

The Mother of Dragons has spent a long time figuring out who she really is, and her journey is not over. She’s constantly evolving from something green and fresh to a character of remarkable complexity. In many ways, she’s the lambic of Westeros – increasing in depth over time, viewed by some as superior to all others, yet also seen as an acquired taste and something that’s not for everyone. How about Cantillon Kriek – a brew that brings in some of the red tones of Dany’s house colours?

Petyr Baelish

The ex-master of the coin has acted more like a master of puppets on Game of Thrones, and his motives are never truly clear. He’s the tried and true Machiavellian character and his real nature is always hidden; much like Beau’s Tom Green’s Summer Stout, which looks like a lager and drinks like a sweet stout. Like Baelish, it’s an enigma that’s worthy of some serious consideration.

Arya Stark

Little Arya has certainly learned to stick them with the pointy end as she’s transitioned from naive daughter of Winterfell to bloodthirsty assassin. Take your pick on drinks, but she’s the beer that creeps up on you – the one that seems unassuming, but proves to be deadly. It’s a different beer for each one of us, but we know which one it is.

The Night King
Look no further than Coors Lite. One is famous for being cold and vile, and the other is the greatest threat Westeros has ever faced.