November / December 2014

5 of the World’s Most Expensive Beers

Paul Faser Collectibles compiled this list of the five most expensive beers in the world. Is it just like the emperor’s new clothes, or is a bottle of beer really worth a king’s ransom?

The Rise of National Brands

The 1950s witnessed the emergence of national brands, as the nation’s biggest brewers aggressively promoted their flagship beers from coast to coast.

Let’s Not Put the Brakes on the Craft Beer Train

New Brunswick’s recent foray into new craft beer rules fuelled a rambunctious debate.

The Apple of Your Eye

An eyes-wide-open look at the cider ‘boom’

Hop Scotch

The links between Scotch and beer are stronger than you may think…

The Baby Bump

A friend of mine recently had a non-alcoholic beer smashed by a stranger at a bar. Her crime? Appearing to drink while pregnant.

TAPS Holiday Gift Guide 2014

There is a beer-centric gift for everyone… here are just a few…

Brewing Education

The craft beer industry’s best brewers aren’t just creators of some amazing beer, they’re scientists!

Thinking Outside of the Ring – Boxing Rock Brewing Co.

Twenty years ago the Nova Scotia town of Shelburne would have been an unlikely location for a craft brewery, at least in the eyes of the average beer drinker. The town was abuzz at the time, as it was the place where that terrible Demi Moore movie was made, which is sad, since it is a lovely historic town…

Feature Destination: Muskoka, ON

The heart of Cottage Country…

Buffalo’s Urban Renewal

So what is it about breweries that pull people back into a neighbourhood?

Beer With Bells On: The World’s Greatest Christmas Beers

Christmas is a time of plenty, with gifts, food and good cheer in abundance. However, if you’re a beer drinker then perhaps the best thing of all is the range of festive brews that make an appearance this time of year…

My Shout: Buffalo and the Evolution of the Mid-Sized Beer City

Here in southern Ontario, Buffalo is the city we routinely mock, and not entirely without reason. All southern Ontarians of a certain age have grown up hearing WIVB-TV news reports on the latest “fire in north Tonawanda,” and you don’t need to live in central Canada to be aware of the oft-brutal winters the Buffalo-Niagara region receives, frequently several degrees worse than what we endure in Toronto.