January / February 2015


Now for Dow: The Beer That Killed

In the summer of 1965, an alarming number of people began showing up at the hospital in Quebec City complaining of fatigue, dizziness, and shortness of breath.

Does Beer Have Terroir?

Terroir 1
The notion of terroir is the backbone of a lot of wine criticism, and many winemakers would argue that terroir provides the backbone – the structure – to their best wines, too.

A Modern Renaissance – Italy’s Daring Brews

Italy 1
Italy’s beer culture is experiencing a rebirth. For decades, Peroni dominated the industry. Then, in the 1990s, a small group of craft brewers set up shop. Their efforts marked the start of a new era.

Beer Hunting in Belgium

Belgium 1
In Belgium a Beer Hunter can never rest on his barstool.

Beer & Politics

Beer&Politics 1
It’s a federal election year in Canada, which means we’ll be subjected to a long and gruelling barrage of political ads, speeches and propaganda. It’s enough to drive someone to drink, but in the pantheon of topics that shouldn’t be mixed with alcohol, politics is right near the top.

Is Craft Beer Finally Coming to Canadian Airports and Sports Venues?

Airport 1
As a frequent traveller, I have visited more than my fair share of airport bars, and as a sports fan I have visited a good number of arenas and stadiums. Far too often these two potentially great experiences – travel and sports – fall flat when it comes to craft beer.

It’s A Can Do Attitude: Mobile Canning Is Gaining Ground

Canning 1
With craft brewing exploding across Canada, a group of new entrepreneurs is looking to change the packaging game for microproducers by offering mobile canning services; full-service canning lines on wheels.

Featured Brewery: Charlevoix

Charlevoix 3
Although they’ve been making beer for 16 years, Brasserie charlevoix has just 11 beers in its lineup -bucking the current trend of releasing new and Zany bottles every few months. Instead, the growing Brewery in the small city of baie-saint-paul, quebec, is Focused on one thing… perfection.

Featured Destination: Regina, SK

Regina 4
Canada’s Queen City started out as Pile o’ Bones on a barren prairie field and went on to become one of Canada’s fastest growing cities.

Drinking the Profits of Community Supported Breweries

The concept of a co-op/ community brewery is not a new one. You could argue that many early breweries were effectively community supported. And most small craft breweries today rely on local support to get going, whether through immediate family and friends helping to build, brew and fund, or simply the loyal support of local drinkers, buying their first products to help the business grow.

Craft Beer: Big Impact in Small Towns

SmallTowns 1
Craft breweries are popping up in small towns across North America. This has been particularly noticeable in the state of Oregon, which has the most breweries per capita of any US state. There are over 35 craft breweries in towns with populations under 20,000 in Oregon, making it a great case study.