12 Days of Drinksmas: Day 6

Taps Online: Whiskey

On the sixth day of Drinksmas, TAPS Online poured for me…


Single malt whisky lovers often divide into several camps: those who like peaty, smoky whiskies, those who like floral/fruity whiskies with no smoke, and those who love the rich, caramel and raisin/nut aspects of whiskies finished in Sherry casks. Open-minded folks enjoy them all, and keep a selection of all styles. The wintertime, though, seems most appropriate for the Sherry cask versions. They have this smoothness that appeals late at night when you are gathered around the hearth after a winter activity. The most famous Sherry cask whiskies are those from Macallan, from Speyside, but there are other very good ones, including great value versions from Aberlour. Some producers, such as Highland Park in Orkney, incorporate a Sherry cask component, as well as some peatiness, for overall complexity.