100-Year-Old Toronto Home to Become Craft Brewery

Toronto, ON – Plans have been announced for a 100-year-old home to be converted into Rorschach Brewing Co.

The former Le Papillon on the Park building is currently under construction at 1001 Eastern Ave in the Leslieville neighbourhood in Toronto.

“The idea behind the name Rorschach is that, despite chemical analysis being able to quantify all flavour compounds in a specific beer, and thus have an absolute flavour profile of that beer on paper, no two people will perceive that specific beer in the exact same way. In addition, the foam on the liquid surface of a glass of beer can resemble many patterns, similar to that of a Rorschach image,” say the founders.

“We will always have a heavy focus on the specific styles of beer that we enjoy to brew and drink,” says Rorschach’s Facebook page. “We believe these to be hop-forward beers that emphasize hop aroma and flavour over hop bitterness, as well as saison and mixed-fermentation farmhouse style beers that are dry, effervescent and intriguingly complex.”

A 2017 opening is expected.